I'm Zack Graber, a brand designer with over 10 years experience in an agency setting.

Born in Florida, living in Kentucky. Raised on the Internet, riding bikes, and making stuff. I design brand identity, websites, and motion graphics for folks that believe in shaping a better future.

I balance strategy with practicality, helping clients understand who they are, who cares, and giving them design systems that are hard to break.


Senior Designer at Bullhorn Creative


My role at Bullhorn has flexed over the years. I currently lead strategy, concept, and execution of brand, motion, web, and packaging projects with a team of writers and designers.

Art Director as Parisleaf


I helped Parisleaf transition from a small print reseller to a branding studio. I established the branding process for the shop while leading a team of writers, designers, and developers through a variety of brand and web projects.